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If you sense that there’s another way of living… Beyond the paradigm of hustling, shutdown, and conformity — something more embodied, artistic, soulful, wild, and free — but you feel stuck or lost on how to live in your fullness… I would love to support you. 


I welcome people who are interested in the feminine spiritual path. These bespoke sessions will focus on helping you come home to your precious life through:

·  Embodiment practices and meditations

·  Guidance in spirituality, holistic health, cyclical living, mindset

·  Using theatre, music, writing, and nature connection for healing

·  And if desired: voice work and support with creative projects

Sometimes we can't grow and transform alone, but we need to be lovingly mirrored, guided, and witnessed. And although traditional psychotherapy can be phenomenal — it isn't necessary the type of healing we need at certain moments in our lives. Sometimes, we might find ourselves at a crossroads or threshold where enough is enough; we are ready to spiritually evolve, root into our body and the earth, and creatively blossom. And that is what I'm here to help you with.


After over a decade of deep dedication to a path of artistry, holistic healing, spirituality, and the feminine mysteries, I possess a diverse toolkit that I'm excited to share.

Welcome to schedule a free discovery call

to sense if this is the right fit. 

Sessions are held on zoom.

Training & Experience

· BFA, New York University, Tisch School of the Arts, 4 years

Major: Theatre (including voice, movement, character, and much more)

Minor: Religious Studies (including theories and methods of ritual and spirituality)

· A decade of freelancing as a singer-songwriter and actress

· Previously taught drama at Romateatern and Sagateatern, as well as to refugees in Sweden, and assisted a teacher in drama therapy at Rikers Island jail, NYC

· Mindfulness meditation: at Vipassanagruppen, Stockholm, with a former Buddhist monk teacher, and online with Tara Brach and more. Regular practice since 2014 

· Embodiment, feminine mysticism, yogic intimacy, holistic women’s health: online programs with Nina Lombardo, Mirabai Starr, and Grace Hazel. Regular practice since 2017 

· Nervous system regulation and neural reprogramming: Somatic Experiencing for 2 years. TBM for 4 years. Trauma informed. Regular practice since 2019

· Yoga: with various teachers in both the US and Sweden. Regular practice between 2010-2021

· Previously led kirtan and singing circles at yoga events and festivals

· Strong tarot and astrology knowledge

· The Nordic nature priestess path: ceremonies with Swedish witches, working with goddesses, and basic herbalism and foraging

· Lucid Body: week-long intensive in therapeutic physical acting with Fay Simpson

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